Overview on How to Achieve the Correct Fit  

The main reason to use a Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar is that you want a humane solution to your dog’s barking or whining. The Dogeez Barkeez Collar will help you achieve this. It will lead to a happier dog, and a happier owner (and probably happier neighbours!). However, like all electronic devices, they are most effective, and achieve the desired results, when used properly. 

 The collar works on the principle of a frequency and vibration technique, it does NOT use electric shocks. Therefore, in order for your Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar to work properly, and to make sure your dog is comfortable, it’s important that it fits properly. Fitting it correctly is a crucial part of controlling your dog’s barking or howling. An incorrectly fitted collar can cause false corrections of the behaviour and may lead to discomfort in your dog. 

 It’s important that you read these instructions fully. There are slightly different considerations depending on the type of dog you have. Whether your pooch is a beautiful St Bernard, or dashing dachshund, taking a moment to follow the guidelines carefully will make sure they have a great experience with the Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar. 

 Correctly Fitting a Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar for all dogs. 

 When it is used properly, the Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar works great at controlling your dog’s barking and howling. However, we have noticed there are some common pitfalls that new users fall into. Usually if people are having a problem with their Dogeez Barkeez Bark Collars after purchase then it’s normally for one of the following reasons: 

 Issue 1. The anti-bark collar has not been fitted properly – extremely common 

Issue 2. The Bark Collar’s battery is flat – very rare 

Issue 3. The Bark Collar is faulty – very rare. 

Solution 1.  The main reason for the collar not achieving the desired result is down to user error. To help you get it right first time, we have created a video with an easy step-by-step approach to correctly fit a Dogeez Barkeez Collar. Following these instructions carefully will mean that your dog soon gets their noisy behaviour under control in no time.  

 Solution 2. If the battery is flat, then the simple answer is to replace them. However, if the battery appears to flatten too quickly then there may be an issue. Rather than a fault with the product, often times a flat battery can be due user error again with the improper fitting of the bark collar in the first place. Improper fit can lead to excessive wear on the battery. 

Solution 3. If you have followed these guidelines you should find that the barking and whining quickly subsides. However, while we take extreme measures and pride in our quality control monitoring, no company can guarantee a 0% fail rate of its products. So of course, if the collar is found to be faulty, we will always replace it promptly with no quibble. This way you and your dog can be happier, quicker.   

Where exactly should it go?  

When fitting your Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar for the first time, it is important that you place the collar high up on the dog’s neck, under the jawline area.  As this is the narrowest point on the neck it’s important to place it here and achieve a snug fit. Not placing it at the narrowest part lead to it slipping to another position, and the collar may not work as effectively. It should also be tight enough that it doesn’t move from side to side. 

 The Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar must also sit squarely under the dog’s neck with the box logo facing outwards, and the probes pointing inwards.  All vibration activated collars must sit in this position to detect barking.  If the Dogeez Barkeez Collar moves away from this area to the side of the neck, the collar won’t be able to detect the barking.  

 We’ve attached an image of a very happy, and relaxed dog wearing the Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar. This gives a good idea of correct placement and fit. 

How tight should the collar be?  

The whole reason for purchasing a Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar is that it is a humane solution to the problem of barking and whining. We love dogs as much as you do, they’re part of the family, but they’re not humans. A dog has a much tougher neck than ours.  

It’s understandable that owners are concerned about hurting their dogs, but it is important to understand that Dogeez Barkeez Bark Collars have to go on tighter than a regular leather or nylon collar to function properly. 

Securing the Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar tightly to the neck will not hurt, cause discomfort or choke your dog. The collar should not obstruct the dogs breathing, but it does need to be secure and snug so that it cannot move around. It’s important that you take your specific structure and size of your dog into consideration as a different degree of pressure will be required to achieve a snug fit. This can vary from dog to dog depending on the size and structure of their neck. 

Take a moment to think about your dog’s coat. The collar has metal or plastic probes which need to make contact with your dog’s skin to function correctly. If your dog is a ‘wooly wolfhound’ or a ‘hirsute husky’ sometimes the thickness of their coat can prevent the probes on your Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar from making contact with the skin. Some users may have to trim or shave a patch of hair so that the probes can make full contact.  If the probes don’t make contact, but the sensor probe is detecting barking, you can expect the bark collar’s battery to flatten quickly, as the dog will not receive the corrections and continue to bark. 

Why is the fitting of the collar so important?  

The bark collar must be positioned so that the mechanism (e.g. plastic vibration detecting probe between the two metal probes in many models) that detects barking is in the correct position. If it isn’t then it won’t detect the barking.  Secondly, the two metal probes or plastic, must make contact with the dog’s skin.  If both of these two criteria are met the collar will work successfully. If one or both criteria are not met, the bark collar will appear as if it is not working or faulty. 


PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL. All anti-barking collars come with extensive instructions. Instruction manuals are boring, and no one likes reading them. However, it’s important to take the time to read the manual that comes with your Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar. This will ensure it is working correctly, and you can stop your unwanted dog barking problem quickly. 

 While the Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar is an excellent education and behaviour modification device, it is not magical. The collar is a tool to be used in the training toolbox to assist with a reduction in barking. It won’t work in isolation and requires a partnership between the owner, dog and device. It is recommended to be used for only a couple of hours per day under close supervision.  

All dogs have their unique characteristics and temperament. This is why we love them, but it’s also the reason that different dogs will respond to the device at a different pace. This is true across different breeds, and individual dogs. Show patience with your dog and the device, and always support your dog with clear commands.  

 We know this goes without saying, but please always use the collar humanely. If it causes consistent discomfort for your dog then remove the collar and attempt the process in smaller, more controlled doses. 

We love dogs as much as you do. We want you have the best result possible when using your Dogeez Barkeez Anti-Bark Humane Collar. Follow the instructions carefully, and we’re confident you will have a happy training experience!