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Pooch Paw Cleaner

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The Dogeez, pooch paw cleaner has been designed to individually clean those muddy and dirty paws after a walk or play in the wet weather or in areas that have caused your fur baby to end up with dirty paws.

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The Dogeez, pooch paw cleaner has been designed to individually clean those muddy and dirty paws after a walk or play in the wet weather or in areas that have caused your fur baby to end up with dirty paws.

The paw cleaners currently come in two sizes; Medium and large. We find that most dogs the size of a beautiful medium-sized dog: Beagle, Border Collie, Bulldog, Whippet, Poodles, Corgi, Terrier, Spaniel, Greyhound, boxer, etc down to your smaller Dachshund and the like will suit the medium size. Smaller puppies and breeds will still definitely have their paw fit but it is not as snug.

The larger paw cleaner would be best suited to your beautiful, Mastiff, Great Dane, German Sheppard, St Bernard, Schnauzer, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, Doberman, Labradoodle, Bull Arab, Schnoodle, and the like.

The design in itself is lightweight, looking similar to a large coffee cup with soft bristles on the inside. The idea behind the technology is that you can add a small amount of water to the device, with or without a soapy solution, and move your fur babies’ paw in and out allowing the bristles to clean the paw and fur.

Once cleaned, we have included a microfibre towel for you to pat dry the paw. This is a nice and simple way to make sure each paw is clean and will massage your pooch’s foot whilst cleaning away any dirt with ease and comfort.

The cleaner is easily disassembled and washed out or rinsed, left to dry for a short time, and easily put back together ready for use next time. The microfibre hand towel can be rinsed or hand washed, washed in the machine, and left to dry for use again and again.


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23 reviews for Pooch Paw Cleaner

  1. Becky F

    Didn’t think I needed but now I love it!

    When my gf bought this, at first I thought a paw cleaner???? Of course she was right -this thing is awesome! It’s super durable, easy to clean and easy to use. I just spray some soap in it, fill it with water and scrub my dogs paws after her hard day of playing outside. I was amazed with how much dirt came out of my dog’s paws.The scrubber thing it came with on top for baths I don’t really think is necessary but some people might like it.It is a great product that I didn’t think I needed but now love that I have it!

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  2. MC

    A GREAT product

    Wow, the first time my dogs ran into the house with muddy paws I was overwhelmed. But now, I feel like I have it under control because I can use this easy thing right when they come in! For dogs who don’t like having their feet touched, they still tolerate it well, and they don’t mind the feeling. Their paws come clean so easily! And it is easy to wash. Totally worth the money!

  3. BigJem

    No dog owner should be without one of these

    Easy to use on all 4 of our dogs. They weigh from 20 to 70 pounds. We were using buckets before. We bought 2 paw cleaners to speed things up. What a differenceWe have 3 Aussies and an Italian Greyhound. They are all inside dogs. With the crazy wet and warm weather this winter and the exercise these dogs need we would be using 2 or 3 times the cleanup timeNo dog owner should be without one of these

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  4. L. Phillips

    A huge help!!

    We have 2 active dogs and a large fenced in yard. It has been a very rainy year in NC, and the wingers especially make for a very muddy space. Our dogs are constantly asking to go in and out, and everytime they come in, it has always been a big ordeal to make sure their paws get cleaned so I’m not scrubbing mud out of carpet.This product makes cleaning paws much faster and easier, and it frankly does a better job than just a wet rag. Even our wild blue heeler puppy will stand still and seems to enjoy his paws being dipped.No worries with cleaning it out either. You just dump the mud water out and give the cup a quick rinse and it is ready for next time!

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Convenient tool to keep a clean dog!

    Convenient tool to clean up my dog’s feet everyday without getting wet. Love it!

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  6. DRH

    Great product!

    This is a great product! Easily washes our Labradoodle’s paws after a walk. We live in central coastal California and morning fog often leaves the soil we encounter on our first walk of the day very sticky/muddy. A quick wash of each paw in this device followed by towel drying prior to coming into the house does the trick. No more tracking of dirt and debris.

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  7. Kathleen

    Excellent paw cleaner

    This works so well to clean my dog’s paws after our walks prior to going into the house. I used to use a bowl of soapy water which was a mess with splashing water. My dog doesn’t mind his paws in this cleaner and it is fast and efficient.

  8. Dima

    Surprisingly good

    At the first use, I was a bit skeptical, since it didn’t seem that it thoroughly cleaned the paws. But, after using the attached towel, the paws were really clean! I even checked with a paper towel, just to make sure.The size fits for our 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy, and I think it will be still OK when it grows up.Finally, the soft attached towel dries up really fast!One small disadvantage, you need to keep the cleaner vertical, therefore the dog must be standing, to avoid spilling the water during cleaning.

  9. Momto3

    It actually works!

    I used this after my dogs were running around in a rainy, muddy yard. Surprisingly, they didn’t even mind having me stick their feet in it and move the container up and down to scrub their feet! If your dog tends to flop down when you are trying to brush it or wash it, I recommend having a second person hold them up. I do have one dog that does that, and I had to turn it sideways so some water dripped out. I’d rather have water than mud, though!

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  10. Megan Jordan

    Lifesaver and Timesaver

    My pitbull is a mud dog and always comes back so muddy. Before I went through a million baby wipes to get his paws clean. Now, we use this baby and it has made my life so much easier! And my dog does not complain about using! He has large paws, so I only fill the container half full of water. That way the water doesn’t splash out. So easy to use and it’s a lifesaver!

  11. S. G. Seguin

    Very good gentle paw cleaner.

    This paw cleaner really helps us keep our floors clean. Our yard get very muddy when it rains. The only issue I have is putting it back together when I deep clean it. I usually just have to rinse it but sometimes leaves and debris get trapped in silicon bristles. It is a very gentle cleaner too. It will not irritate sore or inflamed paws.

  12. Jennifer

    Easy to use and clean! Does what intended

    I have to admit I was skeptical because I have two dogs and a huge muddy yard. But…. I used it one time on both dogs and was so completely satisfied with this purchase I told my husband it was the best invention ever!! No more muddy paw prints on my ceramic tile!!It will take my little one a little getting used to, but my older one doesn’t mind it at all so I know it is comfortable for them. And super easy to clean! Dump water,Pull out silicon and run hot water over… start all over again!This will be getting much use and I can tell it will hold up well.

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  13. Scott N. Maser

    Clean Paws. Clean House!

    Product seems well made and initial use seems great. You can move this around your dog instead of trying to get your dog to maneuver around a bowl or bucket of water.Easy to use. Fill to about 3/4 full with tap water. Insert paw. A few strokes or twists and all you have to do is dry their paws.towel included with the combo is useless. Too small to be practical. Needs to be as big as a dish or hand towel. Best thing we have found to use are golf towels that have a grommet to hang by the door.

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  14. Deedlebug

    Cannot live without this!

    I am using this product so much more than I anticipated! This is so great to have, and prevents dirty or muddy paws. One of our dogs likes to stand on the first step in our pool and then run through the dirt. This paw cleaner is perfect to keep him from having muddy paws in the house. Easy to clean, great product

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  15. Karin

    Sturdy Product Made with Great Material!

    I debated buying the name brand version of this product, but decided on this one after reading the reviews. I am not disappointed. This thing is sturdy and feels really great. The towel is definitely an added bonus that I am super excited about! I bought a mesh bag keychain to put the towel in for traveling! Super excited to try this out when we go to the dog park!

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  16. Fabiana Silva


    I wipe my pup down every time we come in from a walk and this thing is great when a cloth won’t cut it. It is a giant cup of water so I can’t say it’s the easiest the to slosh around, but it is acceptable ergonomically speaking.The silicone comes out for easy cleaning and my dog doesn’t seem to mind it any more than he minds having his paws messed with in general. He has had no reactions to the silicone and doesn’t know how many baths this has saved him from. If he did, he would give it 6 stars.

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  17. Liz

    Best purchase ever

    I’m honestly upset I didn’t buy one of these sooner. I have an 8 month old golden retriever and a yard that will be mostly mud until it’s warm enough to plant grass. Those mixed with unforgiving wood floors and my OCD for cleanliness were a nightmare! My dog doesn’t enjoy the product but he puts up with it and I don’t have to clean my floors every day. It doesn’t matter how much mud he comes in with caked to his paws this thing gets it all off! It is super easy to take apart, clean and put back together. That being said there is a bit of a learning curve (or at least there was for me) making sure the muddy water doesn’t get knocked over or overflow so I would recommend using outside the first couple times. Also, his paws are dripping wet when I pull them out so I would recommend one of those highly absorbent towels to dry off. Between the two life is so much easier.

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  18. Bill Kelly

    Way too small for large dogs.

    This is much too small for large dogs. It would be fine for dogs under 20 pounds. I have 2 Bernufis, both 13 months old and not yet full grown. Not one of their 8 paws could fit into the cup. I love the design, but for large dogs it needs to be much larger and hold at least a gallon of water to rinse mud that large, long-haired paws collect.

  19. Flojocro

    Handy & economical for daily paw washing

    Handy and comfortable for my dogs grooming after walking outside. Came in handy when vet recommended 10 min soak of his paws with medication. Getting him to stand still in a basin would’ve been a challenge; I did one paw at a time while I watched tv and he relaxed because he was next to me on the couch. I saved $ on the prescription by using less and not stressing my pet nor myself.

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  20. BJH

    Great for keeping our two Goldens’ paws and motorhome floor clean!

    Easy to use and clean and wonderful for traveling in our motorhome with two Goldens who collect lots of dirt, dust, and gravel bits on our daily walks off the beaten path!! I had to buy two, one for each Golden, so they would be ready and waiting with the hand towels when we finish our morning walks!! Each dog needs their own container to collect all the dirt!!

  21. megan anderson

    Even cleans poop paws!

    When I purchased this product I thought I would just use it for muddy paws. I had no idea that just a few days after delivery, my Irish wolf hound would step in a huge pile of his poop resulting in it getting between all of his paw beans and all over his paw! He came running into the house from outside bringing his poop paw through my entire kitchen before I even registered what was happening. I was in a hurry because I had to leave for work and remembered my recent purchase. It worked GREAT! It quickly and throughly got all of the poop out from every bean and off of his fur. He’s old and kind of crabby, and didn’t seem to mind it at all. It was so easy I wasn’t even late for work! It was really easy to clean it out afterward too!

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  22. Bear Bailey

    Wish I had found this sooner!

    Our dogs have been chewing on their paws lately, and our vet found no evidence of fungal or mold growth. During their daily walks they get into the lake, through a muddy trail and concluding with a short trek through sandy dunes-certainly trekking through mushrooms and wild animal feces. I had considered having them step into a small tub of water before coming into the house, but that wouldn’t have been thorough enough.We put a few drops of castile soap into warm water, and move the cup up and down each paw, then we repeat the process with plain warm water. The foot chewing has stopped completely. The soft rubber bristles in the cup work perfectly to brush off dirt and sand. An ingenious solution for dirty paws. We will be buying another for our smallest!

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  23. Xenia

    Love it, but it’s. Little tricky with my small frenchie

    It’s a great product. Great quality materials and design. With my larger dog, it’s easy to use, but with my smaller French bulldog, it’s a bit of a struggle since the length of the cup is about the size of his leg. Getting his back legs is tricky too. But I think with practice we’ll get better with it. With the larger dog, it’s perfect! Love it! I added a little apple cider vinegar with water when cleaning their paws before bed for a week to treat the cheesy smell from yeast which dogs get from time to time. Worked like a charm.

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