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Pet Water Bottle

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The Dogeez dog drink bottle, pet water bottle, has a convenient carry strap if you would like to put it around your wrist or attach it to a bike handlebar. It is approximately 24 cm tall and 8 cm wide making it a conveniently sized vessel. When filled with water it weighs approximately 600 grams.


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Dogeez stainless steel water bottle/dispenser

A robust lightweight water bottle made of quality stainless steel and a beautiful molded leafy design drinking cup. Neatly coupled into an easy carry along, or packed water bottle for those lovely outings or trips with your fur baby.

The Dogeez drink bottle will hold approximately 540 mls of liquid safely and drip-free. The bottle has a filler neck wide enough to insert ice cubes if you would like to chill down the water or liquid contents, the ice will remain safely in the container whilst the water or liquid is dispensed through the easy pull-up nozzle. The bottle can be chilled easily in the fridge or simply just filled from the tap and carried.

Dogeez has developed a delivery vessel that folds from the side of the drink bottle up under the nozzle and can hold the water or liquid like a cup for your beautiful fur baby to be able to cleanly and easily lap and drink from.

This is a wonderful delivery device to make it an all-in-one drink bottle not having to carry separate containers or pouring the water or liquid out of the vessel where a large portion would be wasted trying to deliver it to your fur babies’ mouth.


The Dogeez dog drink bottle, pet water bottle, has a convenient carry strap if you would like to put it around your wrist or attach it to a bike handlebar. It is approximately 24cm tall and 8cm wide making it a conveniently sized vessel. When filled with water it weighs approximately 600 grams.

For ease of use, when ready to use, fold the leafy styled delivery cup over the nozzle whilst still on the drink bottle, and ensure a nice snug fit around the neck of the bottle. Release the nozzle by pulling forward until the desired amount of liquid or water has been delivered, and then push in the nozzle to stop the flow. Alternatively, leave it slightly open to continue to fill as the fur baby drinks. When done with the hydration break, ensure the nozzle has been pushed down securely and the drinking cup can be folded back over the drink bottle. A small wipe may be required.

The Dogeez drink bottle will rinse clean under cold or warm water. The drinking cup will also rinse clean and dry easily on the sink or bench, separate both items to clean thoroughly. The drink bottle can be put in the dishwasher, but a simple rinse is highly recommended.

  • Damage may occur to the drink bottle if it is dropped from a significant height, the stainless steel could be ruptured. It is sturdy and durable in construction and will absorb most impacts, but as with most items, it is not indestructible.

16 reviews for Pet Water Bottle

  1. Chris W

    Love this bottle!!!

    Love this bottle!! It keeps the water so cold for our pup and it is easy to clean! We got to the beach often and sand always gets into our dogs water bowl but with this all you have to do is wipe the sand off when you flip the lid flap for the dog. It is large enough to carry enough water for long trips. The lid flap is large enough for our German Shepard to drink out of. We are definitely getting another one.

  2. C Cole

    works great

    the dog’s love to drink out of it

  3. StudentCSULB

    Best pup friendly tool!

    My pups love this! I can’t quite get 100% of the water in the reservoir to trickle back into the bottle yet (still new at using it) but it’s such a great tool!

  4. Kicha

    Excellent Quality and Design

    This has made my walks with two dogs so much easier now that I don’t have to carry around bowls and a water bottle. I can also save water they don’t drink by easily letting it drain back into the bottle, no more yanking my hand and making me drop water while trying to pour it back from a bowl to a water bottle. Great quality and design. Highly recommend.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Durable and easy to clean

    Great water flask for my dog. Large enough and made very durable. Extremely easy to clean!

  6. A. Zemel

    It works well!

    I have two of these. The flask with the leafy spout suits my large dogs well on our 4 mile morning walks.

  7. giles davis

    He loves it

    No more carrying around a bowl and bottle and having to throw out water. This is fantastic and our fur baby loves it. Our only regret is not purchasing sooner.

  8. FirstMate

    Best Invention for watering your pet

    The dog went to the drinking cup immediately to see what was new. She drank without any problems. Now when I go to the dog park she doesn’t have to share water with the other dogs. Every dog owner should check this out. Its much safer and cleaner for your pet. No chance of your pet getting germs form others. We love it!!!

  9. Amzwizzer

    10 stars!!!

    This makes the top 5 of the best pet products I have ever bought! Worth every cent! I tried portable collapsible bowls in the past and my lab thinks they are toys dumps the water instead of drinking it. (I have elevated bowls @ home to stop this annoying habit) this portable flask is amazing and my dog happily chugs water on our walks. It is nice knowing she stays hydrated during the hot weather.

  10. Christina F.

    Excellent product

    I did buy the sling to carry this water bottle for the dogs so it is easier to carry. Our dogs love taking a break and getting a drink of water! Keeps water cold. Easy to use!

  11. Sarah Evers

    Perfect for traveling

    I love this!!

  12. Carrie

    Happy Puppies

    My puppies enjoy their flask.. easy to use and keeps their water cold on our long walks

  13. K Christensen

    Works great for multi dog families

    As long as you don’t crush it with your jeep seats the dog flask is durable. Had to get a second one because with 3 dogs this has been the easiest solution to hiking and being out and about with the dogs that we have found.

  14. bethr

    Love the way the Leaf flips up!

    Best Invention! Once my Black Lab realizes what is was…She loved it!

  15. B. Lawrence

    Durable and easy

    Definitely met my expectations. Keeps water nice and cool on a high nice and cool on a hot day. Very durable. Very durable and very easy for the dogs to drink out of the dogs to drink out of.

  16. Happy Amazon Prime Customer

    Thank s is an awesome product!

    This is so convenient when I take my dogs out and about. I don’t have to have a separate water bottle and bowl for them. As well, it keeps their water cold. It is definitely worth the money!

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