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Dematting Tool for Dogs – Cats – Pets

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*** Matted Fur??? Need an undercoat rake that’s gentle and works on stubborn tangles? Our Dogeez Brusheez grooming comb can help you with that.

Our Dogeez Barkeez comb will help you groom and de-shed your pet. No need to worry about that matted fur it’s easy and takes no time at all to de-matt your pet’s fur. It’s clean and safe for you and your pet. No need to see your pet upset or to hear his whining just a few brushes with our Brusheez comb and your pet will love you forever.


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  • 🐶 DETANGLE MATTED FUR: This undercoat brush for dogs makes an excellent addition to any dog grooming supplies. No more ripping, pulling, cutting, or shaving knotted hair from your pooch. This metal brush will help with hair thinning to keep their coats long and shiny while preventing new knots from forming.
  • 🐶 STOP SHEDDING: Regular use of this de-matting blade comb not only stops fur matting but also helps to remove loose fur that attributes to shedding. Perfect for any medium or long-haired cat, dog, or other pet. Never have to brush off pet fur from your clothes or furniture again!
  • 🐶 NO PAIN: When used correctly, the dog rake glides through your pet’s fur, gently removing mats and thinning knots without pulling. Instead of fearing grooming time, your dog or cat will eagerly await their next relaxing brushing session. Perfect de-shedding tool!
  • 🐶 EASY TO HANDLE: You’ll love using this de-shedder/ de-matting tool, undercoat rake, pet shedding comb, almost as much as your pet does! The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable for extended use and it’s easy to clean once you’re done. Because it’s stainless steel, you can even wash it without worrying about it rusting.
  • 🐶 PRODUCT GUARANTEE: Dogeez Brusheez aims to be a pet brand that you can depend on. If there are any defects with our product, you can return the brush within 12 months of purchase with the original, undamaged packaging for a full refund. We want both you and your pet to be satisfied for the long term!

Fix your pets hair today…

Dematting comb, pet dematting undercoat comb, dual-sided rake for cats and dogs

Effective solution to your pets hair needs… eliminate shedding tangling and matting today

Having the proper equipment before you start grooming is important. Dogeez Brusheez has been specially designed to be kind to your dog’s body, whilst still being robust enough to tackle those mud-soaked coats, and ensure your dog is the leader of the pack when it comes to cleanliness and appearance.

When it comes to brushes, there are several styles currently on the market. One of the better types, when you are first learning how to groom a dog, is the Dogeez Brusheez De-matting Rake. The special tool is made specifically to remove dander and dirt.

It comes with an easy to hold strong handle, extra wide duel head to have maximum coverage, and made from high-quality stainless steel.

The Dogeez brusheez is the perfect way to pamper your pet!

We love your pet as much as you do!

Dog combs knots removing, safe dematting comb for dogs, tangles removing comb

Why the Dogeez Busheez grooming tool?

  • The best way to groom your fur baby, without pulling hair out.
  • Multi-purpose grooming tool!
  • The Dogeez Brusheez grooming tool will leave your pet feeling smooth, tangle-free, and shiny.
  • Reduce your pets shedding in your home… no more fury lounges!!
  • Use on dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and on any kind of coat.
  • 100% safe for your pet


Reduce shedding

Dematting comb, pet dematting undercoat comb, dual-sided rake for cats and dogs

Tips for use…

  • To avoid a disgruntled dog, when you first brush them, place the brush on their fur. Once they accept it, give them praise as a reward. Continue to do this until he/she understands that brushing is a positive experience. Calm and reassure your dog, while looking for areas with matted or tangled hair. Mats are even harder to remove when they come in contact with water, so make sure to remove them before shampooing. A detangle solution before shampooing can help with this.


  • When using the Dogeez Brusheez tool, start at the head of the dog, work from front to rear and top to bottom. Make sure you comb the entire coat of hair, including the hair on the tail and head. Pay special care when using any tools on near the face, eyes and ears of the dog.


  • Breeds with hair that’s corded, double-coated and long will require more grooming efforts than those of short-haired or hairless breeds. Poodles, for example, will require a certain grooming style which might take hours while other short-haired dogs might require only minimal care.


17 reviews for Dematting Tool for Dogs – Cats – Pets

  1. Felice

    Need I say more. This rake is AMAZING. Super easy to use. Super comfortable for the doggo. I tested the rake on my own skin to see how sharp it is, and it isn\’t. Gets a TON of undercoat out without cutting the outer coat. Us double-coated dog owners know it\’s coat-blowing season. This is a 10/10 recommend!*No dog was harmed while being brushed. The corgi disapproves of me calling out how much fur he has.

  2. Amazon Customer

    My dog has so much hair. Living in NC it know longer knows when to thicken or shed! This product works great, especially with matting.Must use gently…then your pup will love it too.

    #dematting comb

  3. Joshua

    I love this thing. My dog has a lot of undercoat and with this, I can get a whole bunch of them at once. It grips the hair well and pulls without hurting the dog. Of course, my pup is not a big fan of brushing so I can only do it in stages. Occasionally, it does get caught so I have to gently pull to get it loose.Grip wise, this is very easy to hold and can be used by either hand or flipped around to use either side of the head. Getting the hair off of the rakes is also very easy

  4. Denise


    A game changer for me and my sweet long haired dachshund!! I really cannot believe how well this works. I have a few little mats to shave off, but regular combing with this tool is the key. So glad I bought this!

  5. rita Glenn

    Best stripper I’ve ever used👍

    I Pomeranian has a triple coat and this brings out tons of undercoat that I didn’t even know was loose. It doesn’t pour and really does the job. I have other ones I don’t work nearly as well as this

  6. Labbottomy

    Game changer!!

    I have a long haired kitty that has had many issues with matting very quickly between brushings, pulling her hair out, and just being extra itchy. I’ve got so much different pet brushes and the only one that really got through her hair was a slicker brush, but it still struggled to get through matts. After learning that a matt rake was a thing, I searched and found this one pretty quickly with fantastic reviews. It seemed worth a shot.Holy wow. I spent 30 minutes brushing her last night with her slicker brush and while I got some loose hairs out, it doesn’t even begin to compare to what this brush pulled off her in less than 5 minutes today. The hair just keeps coming off and my cat’s fur feels so much thinner, lighter, and silkier. I think her coat was severely congested and causing most of her issues, but this brush just took care of it in 5 minutes with very little effort. No digging the brush in, no separating sections of fur to work at the matts, no real work whatsoever. It just glides through her coat while pulling out ten tons of hair. My cat loves to be brushed and she had no problems with this rake either. I absolutely recommend if you have a pet with a thick or long coat. This is an absolute game changer!

    One person found this helpful
  7. CharH.


    Purchased because Girl with all the Dogs on youtube recommended. Just as described. We love it. So much undercoat came out first use. Recommending!

  8. Curt

    Excellent quality tool for hair removal.

    Excellent for removing winter undercoating on the dog. Very well made!!!!

  9. Rose Colored Magma

    Good and Bad

    This brush works great for deshedding my bigger lab mix dogs but pulled the hair of my little shirting mixes. Good brush, just not for longer hair dogs.

  10. Linda Greenberg

    Easy to use

    I wish I had found this tool years ago. It doesn’t pull hair. The dogs think their back is being scratched and it removes tons of undercoat.

  11. kevin wavy

    Love this writing a review withing one minute of use

    This is so satisfying to see the undercoat and loose fur just fly off so easily .. even a toddler could do this.. this product is amazing. I recommend for anybody

  12. Dspacewatcher

    Doesn’t scratch their skin

    Better than I would have believed

  13. Brennetta Acoff

    My dog was so relaxed.

    Easy to use, easy grip handle, & really works great!!

  14. Darlene Ballistreri

    Great product

    Easy to use . Our dog was very matted this took care of that with no pulling at all.

  15. SandyK

    Performs as promised.

    Good product.

  16. Joyce Collins

    Perfect tool

    This tool works so well for matted hair, I highly recommend it!

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  17. Ruehling’s

    Best brush!

    We got this for our red heeler. She was shedding so much so we decided to try something new and it is amazing! Just make sure your outside when you use it! Hair was flying everywhere! But, it’s an awesome brush. It didn’t hurt her at all she actually enjoyed it. (Considering she don’t like to be touched) great buy!

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