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CLAW Nail Grinder – Nail Clippers – Pet Nail Grinder – Cable Free – USB Charging

$ 39.95

Our CLAW Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats is ultra-quiet and gentle on your pet’s nails. Easily charged via supplied USB cable and has a long time usage.

No need to use nail clippers that can hurt and pinch the skin, making the entire experience not only painful for your pet but a less than happy experience for you.


  • Low vibration and low noise causes less stress for your pet
  • Replaceable Grinding Wheel
  • Painless nail clipping process
  • Easy to hold and use
  • USB charging and cordless operation ( no wires to get in the way)
  • The CLAW Nail Grinder makes the grooming job quick and easy
  • Suitable for dogs (small and medium-size only), also can be used on cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, in fact, any pet that needs its claws humanely groomed and shortened.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Pet Nail Clipper
  • 1 x USB Cable

43 reviews for CLAW Nail Grinder – Nail Clippers – Pet Nail Grinder – Cable Free – USB Charging

  1. Cate Robinson

    Great nail trimmer.

    Our dogs didn’t take too long to get used to it. Super quiet and easy to use.

  2. Janet Zhou


    Good quality and easy to use

  3. Marianne T

    Excellent for dogs who hate their nails being clipped

    I have always struggled trimming my dog’s nails but that is now no longer the case. After a few practices, my dog now sits quietly while I do her nails. I highly recommend this product.

  4. Ruby Hollitt

    Good Product

    Puppy was a little skeptical at first, but she’s fine with it now. Works amazing on her claws, only thing is the vibration levels.

  5. Krisna

    Perfect for my dog

    This product was soo easy to use. My dog didn’t flinch and he hates the nail clippers so this is safe for him and because it’s soo quiet he doesn’t mind getting his nails filed down he actually really enjoys it. Highly recommend!

  6. Juanita

    Perfect for anxious dogs!

    My dog gets real anxiety when we try to cut her nails, she will have a freak out, pull her paw away and keep moving with a look of sheer panic on her face. We walk her to file them down naturally but she will chew on her feet and shread her nails, so will get long bits that can get caught on stuff making her yelp, which makes your heart sink when you hear that sound.Last resort was buying these.I have never made such a good purchase- they are quite – easy to use and can file the nail down so she stops biting them…My husband still has to hold her and pat her when I’m doing it, but between the filing and treat after every paw – she is coping alot better with the whole ordeal.Highly recommend!

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  7. Tanya H

    Great product

    Great product nice and quiet now my dog allows me to trim his nails.

  8. lakeshia

    Only way i can cut my dogs nails

    Finally i can cut my dogs nails with this. She suffers from anxiety and it has been so hard to cut her nails.

  9. marion keast

    very quiet, easy to use.

    I am very pleased with this product. My very small dog can be difficult with new things but she accepted this. The very low noise is great and I was able to trim her nails with ease. Great product ! Thank you.

  10. KSG

    Good Quality product

    Grinder is quiet and our dog was not upset once he got over the initial surprise

  11. Paula Hughes

    Very simple to use

    Very easy to use and we just let our little dog get use to it first before grinding his nails

  12. Sophia

    Good Product

    The product came in quickly, works as described. It is a great product, does the job perfectly. Reasonably fast charging and easier charging than wire charger. Would definitely recommend it to my friends.

  13. Matthew Ainsworth


    My dog hates getting her nails clipped, so this is perfect. Works really well…

  14. Gillkell

    Pet nail grinder

    Yes I like this product and yes my dog is more accepting of this rather than nail clippers. My dog has thick nails (Shar pei) so it does take time to grind off even a small amount. I will try and use it a couple of times a week to get her nails shorter….it is so much better than the manual clipping with the scissor type trimmer as she hates this and also hates her paws being touched. I wish I had bought this sooner.

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  15. Chris Cooke

    Great product

    Very quiet operation. Great fast delivery thanks.

  16. Krush

    Great grinder works well

    Very handy device

  17. Leah

    Happy with purchase.

    Good product. Super fast delivery.

  18. Audrey

    whisper quiet

    It is wisper quiet, so eady to use. Highly recommend

  19. Stacey Stanfield


    Easy to use and does the job perfectly

  20. Brittany


    Works so well.Even tried it on the catsIt tickles against human skin

  21. Chris Hughes

    Dog nail trimmer

    Very quiet and effective, easy to use.


    Great if your dog hates getting their nails clipped!

    Dog was a little frightened of the noise at first but once this fear overcome loved it versus the clippers which can hurt.

  23. Elizabeth houston

    easy to use

    Only used once just to try but it out but it works work well noise is very low.

  24. Lisa Keevers

    Quiet and Easy to use.

    This Nail Grinder is a great tool and easy to use. My Chihuahua really doesnt like having his nails clipped, the grinder makes it easier and I can get the job done without too much stress. Its quiet, easy to hold and works well.

  25. Daniel Van Der Mey

    Nail grinder is light weight

    Battery dies pretty quick product works fine unfortunately both dogs don’t like it. It’s still new to them

  26. Velliott

    Handy device

    Pretty quiet

  27. courtney kerswill


    Great product, super easy to use. My dogs were scared at first but once I did one nail they were totally fine!

  28. xzzhang

    Timber floor saver

    Good design, easy to use, my lab hasn’t get used to it yet though. Even using it for my nails as well :)Better to use it after cutting, otherwise, it would take a bit long to short the nail.

  29. Rocky

    fast delivery

    very good value

  30. Millionaire213

    Its not as noisy as i expected

    My dog is petrified of nail clippers so iv had to take him to the groomers to have them filed and over 4years the cost certainly mounts up.Iv been looking into one of these nail filers for a while but theres that many to choose from its difficult to know which one is good or not.After reading the details and things I thought ill go with this oneit seems simple enough to work which is good and as theres two speeds which is very handy to begin withI started off on the first one till mine got used to it.Its not as noisy as i expected either which is great for not scaring a nervous dogs like mine.I wish id bought this sooner instead of scaring my dog everytime he had to have his nailes clipped at the vets because nowhere would do it for me as he was too stressed out to try.

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  31. Anthony Borland

    Does exactly what it’s supposed to

    Does the job perfectly

  32. Leonie

    Quiet and easy to use

    My dog is so relaxed when I use this product to trim nails

  33. susan campbell

    Quiet operation, easy to use

    First time I tried was impressed on how quiet it was. My dogs hate getting their nails clipped but used this easily without any fuss

  34. J

    Very quiet, less scary and painless for my dog.

    Our dog absolutely hates clipping his nails. He gets petrified with anything resembling a nail clipper. We have tried absolutely everything but nothing worked. However, with this Nail Grinder, we were able to trim his nails down. My dog still doesn’t like clipping his nails but it seems he copes better with this than anything else. One issue with this product is that it does take longer to grind down long nails so, better to do it regularly than wait till its long.

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  35. Jane Pratt

    Fantastic Little Grinder, no more worries!

    By the time I finished one paw, he was use to the noise and feeling of it’s use on his claws. I love this little grinder as I can now cut his claws without having to take him for a long walk to try to wear the sharp edges off his claws. I also now do not have to worry about the timber floors and my furniture getting scratched from the sharp edges of his claws. No more scratching my skin when we play because no more sharp edges… BONUS! A must have if you have kids and pets or if you are elderly with thin skin and have pets.

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  36. Amazon Customer

    Silent pet nail trimmer

    This grinder is very quiet which is very helpful with trimming my dog’s nails.

  37. Rosselyn Anderson

    My dogs love it.

    Both of my dogs hate having their nails clipped. this works so much better.

  38. Janet Stone

    Dogs nails

    Can trim my pet dogs nails before he even knows ive trimmed them. Great .

  39. Juli2018

    Very easy to use

    Very easy to use in both cats and dogs, works very well, you get to control the length of the nails easier without hurting them. They were a bit scared of it at the beginning but we followed the instructions and with a few treats they got used to it.

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  40. Michael P

    Works Great

    Works like a charm, absolutely love it.

  41. Dave

    Easy to use

    Our pup who usually is ususally scared of new things had no problems with accepting the nail grinder

  42. Donna P

    Lifesaver product

    Great product. My dog is so much more relaxed using this other than nail clippers. Not such a stressful event anymore

  43. Raymond

    easy to use

    Came out of the box charged and ready to use.

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