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Chew-A-Balls – Non Toxic Rubber – Fun and Interactive Ball For Your Dog

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Chew-A-Ball is a fun interactive toy for your dog or cat.

Made of non-toxic rubber, this ball is great for playtime and keeping your dog or cat mentally stimulated and away from those expensive items you have replaced or will replace in the near future.


  • Non-Toxic
  • Colours – Red, Green, Yellow, Aqua, Blue
  • Material – Rubber

2 Sizes:

  • Small – 5cm Diameter
  • Large – 7cm Diameter

Chew-A-Ball is a fun interactive toy for your dog or cat.

Made of non-toxic rubber, this ball is great for playtime and keeping your dog or cat mentally stimulated and away from those expensive items you have replaced or will replace in the near future.

  • MENTAL AND PHYSICAL STIMULATION — Dogs and Cats need both mental and physical stimulation and without toys to keep them entertained they get bored and can engage in destructive behaviour like chewing on the furniture, destroying your curtains and bedspreads and chewing on those expensive tennis shoes and Stilettos.
  •  Fill the ball with their favourite treats like Doggos beef jerky or liver training treats and they will be entertained for hours by trying to get the food out of the nodules. Great way to also play flyball but don’t expect them to bring it back anytime soon.
  •  ENCOURAGE ORAL HYGIENE — While they forage for the treats the rubber nodules on the ball massage and help clean their teeth, to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.
  • NON-TOXIC — This toy is made from a safe rubber material that does not contain any toxic elements harmful to your dog or cat.
  • PERFECT GIFT — Christmas is just around the corner and Chew-A-Balls make a great stocking stuffer, birthday gift addon or a welcome gift for your new puppy or kitten


  • Non-Toxic
  • Colours – Red, Green, Yellow, Aqua, Blue
  • Material – Rubber

2 Sizes:

  • Small – 5cm Diameter
  • Large – 7cm Diameter
Chew Toy Balls

5cm, 7cm

Chew Toy Ball Colours

Acqua, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

43 reviews for Chew-A-Balls – Non Toxic Rubber – Fun and Interactive Ball For Your Dog

  1. Melissa

    Durability plus!!!

    Likes: very tough. My pup is a power chewer (destroyed a kong dental chew in less than an hour) but there is barely a mark on this product after hours of chewing. Holds dry dog food well enough that I can throw/bounce it and the food doesn’t come out.Dislike: I’d like if there was a larger option.Overall: really like the product. We have two. I will be buying more to gift the other pups we know.

  2. SC

    The dogs love them.

    Bought one for the Cavalier and one for the German Shepherd, and these have been a hit.The sizing a bit confusing, ‘L’ is tennis ball size.They’re tough, but if the dogs were left with them unsupervised I’m not sure how the ball would be after the Shepherd had a really good go at it. 😉 Though they are for their teeth, and they’re great for that, especially the smaller breeds.

  3. AG


    My baby poochon puppy LOVES his new toy. I fill it with very small puppy treats that he’s obsessed with and it keeps him occupied and stress free! Which is hard to do with a velcro dog. He is teething so constantly wants to chew everything, especially shoes, hands and feet! So it’s nice for him to play, chew and get mental stimulation with rewards. He is still too young to be able to go for a walk so throwing this around with him helps him burn off energy and explore new places! I will be buying more from this brand as it’s great value and safe for fur babies! Thank you!

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  4. Miss Samantha Casper

    Doggo is happy!

    Awesome product, keeps doggo interested for a decent amount of time. He’s managed to pull a couple of the teeth off but it’s still going strong. Very happy with the product will be buying another for the new pup.

  5. Shan

    Durable, affordable and holds treats longer than other treat holders

    Bought this for my 7-month-old cattle dog to keep him entertained. He usually manages to get treats out of other treat holders very quickly, was pleasantly surprised that this treat holder lasts a lot longer. He loves to bounce and throw it even when it’s not full of treats. Great product would recommend!

  6. Perri Kapnias

    great for ball dogs

    my adult kelpie loves to chase it and chew on it. didnt care about the food in it. bounces well. will buy another for my misbehaving spoodle to get treats from.

  7. Tina

    Excellent product

    I ordered the blue and green balls for my new puppy and they are fantastic, it keeps her occupied while I’m busy. I order them in large for her to grow into—although they do smell very strongly of a toothpaste/peppermint-ty smell to them but my puppy doesn’t seem to mind at all she’s very food motivated— over all they were a great buy I’ll have to buy a few more colours.

  8. Rory Ann Pascua

    One regret

    I currently have 2 dogs but I bought this for the puppy i’m getting. Was too excited so I decided to try this on my adult dogs (bare in mind these dogs can’t do nothing but to be cute) and they loved it! my only regret is I only bought one! Already ordered 3 on the way for all my fur babies to enjoy!

  9. dy frame

    Tough teasing toy

    Solid enough fir my strong jawed pup and filled with treats nets me awhile of peace 😀

  10. Kate

    Good quality and arrived reasonably quickly

    Our dog loves this dental ball – we shove small treats into the sides of it and she spends ages trying to get them out. It’s pretty durable but to be honest she isn’t a big chewer or destroys her toys anyway.

  11. It’s a Mals life

    My dogs love this

    My dogs loves this thing, stick some kibble in it and keeps them busy for ages trying to get the food out, very durable

  12. Ali

    Simple but effective

    This ball is easy to put treats in and then keeps our pup happy for a while whilst getting them out. I like the fact it’s a ball as well.

  13. TLOzherely

    My BullarabX is a helluva chewer – this ball has topped his obsession test

    I have spent over $400 in the past year on dog toys. This is one of those times when you have to buy quality. My BullarabX is obsessed with chewing and food. This ball is durable and has so far beaten all chew-sessions. He especially loves chasing it around the floor when there is kibble in it.

  14. Hannah Keast

    Duncan Loves it

    Duncan loves this toy- i can stuff it with all sorts of treats- sometimes even left over food.he has got quite good at gettting the stuff out but keeps him entertained for 10-15 minutes which is a long time when you have a 7 month old puppy

  15. Kindle Customer

    Great for Puppy

    My Boston Terrier puppy likes it. It’s easy to put the treats in but still difficult for him to get them out.

  16. Briee

    Great for Power Chewers

    Pups are absolutely loving these, biscuits can be a bit time consuming to get into the teeth of the ball but dog-safe peanut butter works an absolute treat and keeps them busy for hours especially when frozen. They’re power chewers and have held up all month so I’m hopeful they’ll last quite a while!

  17. P.L

    My cat loved it

    I bought it for my adult cat, thinking it might only work on dogs but he loved it, he prefers eating his food from the ball rather than his bowl and his teeth seem much better.Only think is he’s already chewed through quite a bit of the rubber. But very happy overall. Thanks!

  18. Claire

    Dog’s favourite toy now – crazy strong and very much value for money!

    This ball is AMAZING – ridiculously durable.I bought a large ball for my cavoodle. She is big for a cavoodle but the larger ball is definitely more of a challenge for her. She usually destroys her toys within days but this one has been lasting her for weeks now, with basically no wear or tear! I bought this ball during Black Friday sales but with how it’s held up, I’d be happy to pay full price.

  19. T

    Bouncy and durable

    Perfect little toy for a little dog. Bouncy and durable and good for teething and rough chewing. My dog loves it!

  20. Carly Deakins

    great dog toy

    dog is loving this toy. takes a few minutes to insert all the treats but takes much much longer for her to get them all out

  21. Jennifer

    Great toy/treat combination

    My dog loves this, even once all the treats are out the ball is carried around n gnawed on n it is sta ding up well to such treatment

  22. DosPrompt

    Excellent you

    My dog loves this and it’s the first toy he’s been unable to destroy!I’ve seen virtually the same thing advertised for twice the price, so highly recommend

  23. Tanasha

    Great fun toy

    Works really well and the size is good for a medium sized dog.You will need small treats or dry food to fit into it though.

  24. Megan

    Value for money

    Value for money, tough enough for our kelpie not to chew. Brilliant for entertaining pets with biscuits sliding into groves.

  25. Julia Hore

    Worth it!

    my dog can’t damage it so far, had it a month, it works ‘a treat’. A great toy for the price.

  26. Christina

    Good quality, reasonable price

    My dog absolutely loves this and spends ages trying to get treats out of it. He prefers it to his Kongs. Much cheaper than similar products and good quality

  27. Michelle Lee

    Perfect for tiny dogs

    PERFECT for my tiny mini Pomeranian, keeps her entertained for ages. Not too heavy & small size so she can pick it up.

  28. Jeanine

    Long lasting fun

    This is fantastic. Our Shih Tzu puppy absolutely loves his. It’s easy to pop treats in and also easy to clean

  29. Rob

    Quick delivery and good quality

    Excellent service for a quick delivery. Ball is minty and has helped with dogs bad breath. We use it as part of his meals to slow down his eating and it’s been perfect so far. He has a tendency to keep chewing something until it’s broken and still no teeth have come off so good quality for the price.

  30. A Wade

    Entertaining. Rewarding. Great toy for puppy!

    Our puppy Vincent loves this new toy. I like that you can stuff it fairly deep with food in each of the toothed “mouths” around it.Seems it may be a bit soft and get chewed pretty quickly if you have a dog that loves chewing. Played with a bit last couple of days though and all been good so far. A bit harder rubber might be a bit better.Good size for a medium to large dog. Vincent is 12kg about adult staffy size now and can hopefully see size of ball in comparison.

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  31. Majella Kate


    My 10-month old labrador has had this for a few weeks now, and it is still in perfect condition. The teeth are deep enough to use a variety of treats, and the ball has a good bounce which makes it fun to use. Would buy again!

  32. Cara

    Old dog loves it!

    I bought this as an enrichment toy for my 13 year old dog, to try and get him to keep his brain active without moving too much (he has slowed down a lot). He loves it, happily gnawing on it to get all the treats out between the rubber fingers. it is durable and a great size (about a tennis ball size). I have already recommended it to a few friends for their dogs too. Don’t think I’ll need to purchase another as it seem very hardy but highly recommend it

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  33. Em

    Very durable

    Bought a number for friends after my dog loved his. Durable enough for huge chewers and keeps him occupied for a while.

  34. Luke C.

    Great with peanut butter

    Great little toy to keep your dog occupied. I put peanut butter in mine and it keeps my dog entertained for a while getting it all out!

  35. Brittney

    Bouncy and well made

    My dogs love this. I put kibble or peanut butter in it and it keeps them entertained. It’s really bouncy too which they love.

  36. Emily McDougall

    Dogs love it!

    We received a complaint from our neighbours about the dogs barking so bought some interactive toys to try and keep them busy when we’re not home. We have two chihuahuas and they love this toy! I accidentally bought the larger size instead of the smal, but it still works great for them.

  37. Kaz

    Great dog toy

    I purchased the Small size for my Jack Russell X and she loves it. Easy to put kibble bits in, and keeps her amused and occupied. She loves chasing it around and catching it, and it is her favourite toy. Very long lasting with all day/everyday use.

  38. Adam

    Happy with ball

    Brought for a Cavoodle Puppy. Put in kibble and he will play with it for a while trying to get it out.

  39. Dennis

    Good value dog toy

    Good quality toy that my dogs love at a good price

  40. Rhonda


    These are awesome ! I bought two for my dogs just be aware the small ones are very small! I have two small dogs so I ordered the small ball but they were too small and it is harder to put the dry in the slots ! So I ordered the large one and they are great

  41. Gew

    Small but good!

    I was surprised at how small this ball actually is but it works well and keeps my dog entertained.

  42. Jo

    great value product

    Small treats fit in easily and kept my dog busy for quite a while. would definitely recommend.

  43. Kat

    Good for a puppy

    I bought the small ball for a 9 week old puppy. He loves it and the puppy kibble that he is generally fed fits well into the crevices of the ball. Seems really durable and entertains him for around 5 minutes at a time.

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